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Our Team


Abigail Person

BA Oberlin College

PhD University of Washington
Neural mechanisms of song learning in songbirds
Advisor: David J Perkel

Postdoctoral fellowship: National Institute of Biological Sciences, Beijing, China
Sensory integration in VMHvl and role in female lordosis behavior
Advisor: Minmin Luo

Postdoctoral fellowship: Northwestern University
Purkinje integration by downstream targets: roles in information transmission and plasticity.
Advisor: Indira Raman


Sawako Fukushima

(nee Tabuchi)

Project: Engagement of cortical microcircuitry by identified mossy fiber afferents


Christy Beitzel

Neuroscience Program

Project: Red nucleus afferents to the cerebellum: structure and function

Matt Becker

Medical Scientist Training Program

Project: Role of cerebellum in motor control

Ted Doykos

Neuroscience Program

Project: Cerebellar contribution to orienting behaviors

Jesse Gilmer

Neuroscience Program

Project: Translation of cerebellar output to motor control

Dylan Calame

Medical Scientist Training Program

Project: Synaptic basis of paroxysmal dystonia


Samantha Lewis